About Us

Nice to meet you! Our names are Chris and Karen. We have been working dogs and cats for our entire lives so far!  (As designated sitters, we send more than 10 photo or video updates per day of all their adventures!)

When we receive your fur baby, we always try our best to make them feel comfortable and figure out their currency whether it’s love, affection, attention, treats, or toys. We never try to force a  relationship, we always like to co-exist first and let everyone warm up to us in their own time! We understand it can be a bit scary to come to an new place. We also understand some dogs may not be bonded just yet to us, so we have the option of putting a Tractive GPS collar for our peace of mind and their safety (this allows for constant, live tracking for up to a week) so your baby never gets lost. 

We are both well versed in doggy body language and preventing accidents (signs they are uncomfortable, anxious, or just excited) It’s been our most useful tool in understanding our furry companions! Our free time is spent learning more about animal body language and pet nutrition.

In our home, we try to use pet friendly products whenever possible. For example, instead of Febreze, we use a mix of baking soda and lavender spray. It’s important for us to create a toxin free atmosphere!

Even before sitting, we have been volunteering and fostering through several organizations. We’ve both been involved in the training of dog reactive/human reactive rescue dogs – in addition to helping to socialize feral kittens. Our most recent work involved training our first Staffy (Pittie/Bully Mix), a Rottweiler puppy in addition to a Doberman mix for an entire Summer. We love breeds of all sizes! Now serving areas like Brentwood, Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New West, Surrey, Langley, & more!

We both work from home so we are always home – your pet is always supervised.

A typical day might look like:

Morning: Walk and Breakfast

Noon: Relax, cuddle and brain toy, Kong or lick mat

Afternoon: Walk and game

Night: Outdoor adventure,  and dinner, cuddles!

Late Night: Last outing break

Out with Dunkin, a staffy bully mix, can you spot the waterfall?
Kio and Yara on a hiking trail at golden hour

Fun Facts about Karen

Fun Facts about Chris

Happy Pets and Pawrents

Our passion for animals and genuine care for their well-being is what sets us apart and makes families love us.


Serving areas like Brentwood, Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, New West, Surrey, Langley, & more!

Two of a kind: Mila and Bree

We’re here to answer any questions you have!